Fortnite Pre-Story

Reimagined Order
3 min readNov 7, 2021


Hey! Welcome. In this article, I’ll be imagining the unknown backstory to Fortnite.

Keep in mind, nothing in this article is confirmed to be true. They also will likely never be true.

The Beginning

In the year 1924, the father of John Jones, or Geno Jones, discovers and invents the idea of quantum physics as a whole. For years people don’t believe Geno, but soon scientists across the globe begin to agree with him.

But then only 3 years, later Geno Jones founds the Imagined Order, or, I.O. For years I.O. is the most funded and famous company in the world, but since Geno’s discovery of quantum physics he or his crew haven’t discovered anything truly groundbreaking.

Intro to Zero

The Zero Point

In the year 1936 the Zero Point is discovered by I.O. For years the I.O. experiments and runs tests on this quantum jumbo of an object, and they soon learn how to master its power to forge it into weaponry.

Finally John Jones enters the picture, and is employed into the I.O. in the year 1945. Geno recruits Jones at such a young age (15) with the total plan of one day allowing Jones to be promoted to the CEO of the Imagined Order.

After 12 years of experiments on the Zero Point, the I.O. discovers the Zero Points true capabilities. The I.O. runs a series of tests with lab rats on the Zero Point, and sends them all directly into it slightly different ways. After a while, Geno and the I.O. make the decision to send human, more sentient, beings into the Zero Point. 9 volunteers are sent into the Zero Point, 8 of them being the original defaults, and the 9th being none other than The Foundation.

The New Reality

Doctor Slone and Geno Jones

In the same month the volunteers enter the Zero Point, Samantha Slone (Dr. Slone) applies to her dream job, the Imagined Order. As a recent college graduate and being extremely intelligent, Geno is very easily impressed by her work and creations.

After 7 months of the volunteers being in the Zero Point, the volunteers discover their way back by reconfiguring technology handed to them by the I.O. The volunteers all explain to the I.O. how they were rifted across space-time itself to another reality. During their stay the volunteers has closely surveyed the island and made small settlements across the island.

Insanity of Geno

For the next two years, Geno’s absolute obsession with the Zero Point and its power being held in his grasp grows rapidly. Geno begins to think and think about the possibilities that come into play with the volunteers discovery, and becomes determined to make the perfect reality for humanity. He asks Dr. Slone to invent a conflict-reverting mechanism that’ll erase the memories and thoughts of humans of conflict.

During the 8 years that Dr. Slone is working on The Loop, more and more of I.O.’s action squad is sent into the Zero Point in order to prepare humanity for the Great Swap.

By 1955, John Jones has climbed the ranks of I.O. immensely and plays major roles in the future of the I.O.

The official release of the Loop. A time resetting and looping mechanism used to reset all things bad and wrong with snapshots and the island.

In the year 1958, the Loop has been tested and it’s functionality is a go! Though, it’s intent is no longer the same. Geno began to realize that with the feature of snapshots, he could create an infinite army to protect the Zero Point. Every time someone was sent in the Loop, Geno made sure it would loop every 23 minutes and wipe the minds of anyone in it into a mindless husk.

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Thank you for reading! See you in the Loop.